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Foods That Will Help Your Age Gracefully

These days, most people are obsessed at keeping their youthful looks.  While some go out and do it the natural way, others visit the doctors to erase the wrinkles off their faces.  Delaying the aging process, as what most people would call it, is the name of the game.  Everybody’s trying to swipe the years off by eliminating the wrinkles and the crow’s feet.

However, the signs of aging extend beyond the concept of crinkles, lines and rumples on the facial skin.  Osteoporosis, decreased brain functions, memory loss and other age-related illnesses are just among the debilitating effects of advanced age.
To reduce the risk of these age-related chronic diseases, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle.For starters, it would be wise to watch what you eat.  While we’re on the subject, do away with excessive eating.  Keep everything in moderation In addition to having a proper diet, it is also important to engage in a regular physical activity.  It is not necessary that you hit the gym and lift weights.  Just do something that makes you sweat.  More importantly,
pick one that you enjoy doing.  Thus, if you like to take a dip in the pool, swimming can be your exercise.  

Also, get enough sleep every night.  Ideally, spend six to eight hours in the sack every night. As much as possible, minimize alcohol intake.  But maximize your water intake.  Drink around eight glasses of water everyday.  Also, avoid tobacco and other nicotine products.  We all know smoking is bad for our health, and it also speeds up our aging process.  Notice how chronic smokers have plenty of wrinkles on their faces.

Picking the right foods is the key to delaying the aging process.  The sooner you start on a healthy diet, the greater the rewards will be.  

It’s worthy to note that as we age, we become susceptible to oxidative stress.  Eventually, free radicals build up as our bodies age; thus, causing inflammation and oxidative stress. To combat this impact, it is best to eat foods that contain "phytonutrients."  These powerful antioxidants eat up the free radicals; thus, reducing the risk of heart diseases, osteoporosis and cancer.

Avoid foods rich in fatty acids and sugar because they can spike up the aging process.  Instead, eat fish, fruits and vegetables.

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